Alitalia Light fare product

Premium Economy Class- Medium Haul Business Class
Please consult your GDS for complete Light Fares rules and regulations or visit Light Fares Regulations.

Q & A

  • When will the Light fare extension to Transatlantic JV flights take place?

New Light fare will be available for tickets purchased from December 6, 2017 and beyond for flights beginning on April 10, 2018 and beyond.

  • Why is Alitalia extending its Light fare also to Transatlantic JV flights? 

Alitalia is extending its Light fare product to Transatlantic JV flights to meet the demand of the price conscious customer.

  • Which trans-Atlantic markets are involved?

Markets are Italy/Europe to/from USA/Canada only. In detail, the routes involved are those under the Transatlantic JV: Rome-New York JFK, Milan MXP-New York JFK, Rome-Boston, Rome-Miami, Rome-Los Angeles, Rome-Chicago, Rome-Toronto. Central-south America, Africa, Middle East, India and Asia routes are not included.

  • Which are the differences between Light and Classic fare?

Main difference between Light and Classic fare will be the introduction for the Light fare of the ‘paid first checked bag’, while in the Classic fare the first checked bag remains included in the ticket price. Furthermore, a special promotion valid through March 31, 2018 will allow travelers to select the favorite seat on board if they have purchased a ticket with a Light fare.

  • Is the experience the same on Light fares whether you’re purchasing your ticket from Italy/Europe point of sale or from US/Canada point of sale?

There will be a product differentiation depending on the point of sale (US/Canada or Italy/EU) for Light fare. Light fare will have, on average, reduced price equal to €80 / $90 / CAD 90 for return flights (€40 / $45 / CAD 60 for one-way travel), if compared with Classic fares. First checked bag will cost €50 / $60 / CAD 75 for one-way travel (2nd Bag fee: €100/$100 one way, 3rd Bag fee: €285/$285 one way).

  • If I purchase a Light fare, will I be able to bring carry-on luggage?

The Light fare includes one carry-on luggage to bring on board with a weight of no more than 8 kilos and measuring no more than 55 cm in height, 35 cm in width and 25 cm in depth, including handles, side pockets and wheels. In addition, one of the following accessories may be brought: briefcase, laptop computer or handbag.

  • Will your Transatlantic joint venture partners also announce the introduction of similar Light fare products across the JV flights?

Yes, and Alitalia customers can choose a Light fare whether travelling on an Alitalia operated flight or a codeshare flight operated by our partners Delta Air Lines and Air France-KLM.

  • What are the key elements of the Light fare on Transatlantic JV flights?

Except for first checked baggage fee, Alitalia’s Light fare will offer the same economy class service offered by the Classic fare including: seat in Economy class, possibility to purchase a comfort seat, complimentary snacks, meals and beverages, Wi-Fi available for purchase, on-board entertainment on personal screens featuring a vast library of movies, games, music and TV programs, travel to main airports. Furthermore, a special promotion valid through March 31, 2018 will allow travelers to select their favorite seat on board if they have purchased a ticket with a Light fare.

  • How will customers distinguish between Light and Classic fares? website will provide our customers with information about Light fare, including a comparison chart in the booking process alongside Classic and other fare options so they can make the best choice for the travel option that meets their needs. Additionally, Alitalia reservations agents and travel agencies have information that is provided to customers at the time of purchase. For more details, please visit

  • Will travel agents be able to issue tickets for Light fares?

Yes, travel agencies will be able to book and issue tickets at Light fare for their customers just as they would book other fares offered by Alitalia, with information about Light fare available during the booking process.

  • Will Light fare be combinable with other Alitalia fares (eg. outbound flight at Light fare, return flight at Classic fare)?

Light fares are not combinable except for booking with another Light fare.

  • Can I purchase a Light fare when I travel with different JV carriers on a multiple leg itinerary (eg. Rome-New York-Atlanta with the Rome-New York service operated by Alitalia and New York-Atlanta operated by Delta)?

Yes, because all the airlines in the Transatlantic JV are expanding or introducing Light fare. Air France-KLM will call them “Light fares”. Delta Air Line will call them “Basic Economy”. 

  • Light fares can be refunded?

Light fares are not refundable.

  • Can I change the booking of a ticket purchased with the Light fare?

For the JV flights departing from Italy/Europe to USA and Canada, changes of the booking and/or itinerary can be made before and after departure for a 150€. For the JV flights departing from USA and Canada to Italy/Europe, changes of the booking and/or itinerary are not allowed.

  • Will MilleMiglia members earn miles flying with a Light fare?

Yes, MilleMiglia member will continue to earn miles with Light fares

  • How many miles will members flying with a Light fare earn, compared with miles earned if flying with a Classic fare?

The number of earned miles is under definition.

  • Can I use the Cash & Miles solution to purchase a ticket at a Light fare?

Yes, Cash & Miles can be used to purchase a Light fare.

  • I am a Freccia Alata Plus member. Will I pay the fee for the first checked baggage if I purchase a ticket at a Light fare?

No. Freccia Alata Plus, Freccia Alata, Ulisse, Elite and Elite Plus members will keep the advantages of their tier level. They are entitled to bring one extra piece of checked baggage for free. So, when choosing the Light fare, they may still check one bag at no extra cost.