Customer Relations

Lost Baggage 
Baggage tracking is handled by the airport stations within the first 5 days of arrival. If luggage is not returned within the first 5 days, passengers must send a description of the luggage along with a complete list of contents with corresponding value along with supporting documentation to the carrier's Customer Relations Office.

To check the status of missing luggage and/or to update the delivery address, click here.  
If baggage has been damaged or lost during a flight, passenger should immediately contact the carrier's Lost and Found Baggage Office before leaving the airport premises to obtain a "Damaged Property Report" (DPR) or a "Property Irregularity Report" (PIR). If pilferage is discovered prior to leaving the airport premises, passengers should contact the airport police to obtain a police report in addition to a DPR from the carrier's baggage office.

Requirements for filing baggage claims: 
In cases of delayed luggage, passengers may request compensation of necessities purchased if they submit their written claim to the carrier's Customer Relations Office no later than 21 days of luggage delivery. 

Pilferage and damaged luggage claims must be sent to the carrier no later than 7 days after luggage delivery. 

Should damages or missing items be discovered after the delivery of delayed luggage, passengers have 21 days to send their written claim to the Alitalia's Customer Relations Office.

To help expedite claims, please ensure the following relative documentation is included: 
• Copy of air ticket(s) and excess baggage receipt (if applicable) 
• Copy of luggage tag(s) 
• Copy of the original PIR or DPR obtained at the airport lost and found office 
• Relevant receipts for necessities purchased while without luggage (for delayed luggage) 
• Detailed list contents being claimed along with corresponding value or purchase receipts if available (for missing or damaged contents) 
• Police report obtained at the airport (for missing items); if passenger is not able to provide a police report or DPR/PIR due to damages or missing items were discovered after leaving the airport premises, they will be required to fill out an Affidavit, to be returned to the carrier's Customer Relations Office duly completed and notarized. 
• Photos of damages to luggage and/or contents 
• Brief but detailed letter of explanation with passenger's name(s), address, phone and/or Email information

Where to send claims for USA residents: 
Website: View the Baggage Assistance section, fill out the online form and remember to attach documents related to your claim.
Fax: 212-903-3568 
Mail: Alitalia Customer Relations, PO Box 4485, New York, NY 10163-4485 

Where to send claims for Canada residents: 
Website: View the Baggage Assistance section, fill out the online form and remember to attach documents related to your claims.
Fax: 647-317-6827 
Mail: Alitalia Customer Relations P.O. Box 188 / Pearson Int'l Airport Toronto, AMF, ON / L5P 1B1 

VERY IMPORTANT: without an accompanying police report, along with other documentation, when submitting a claim for baggage pilferage, the carrier has the right to deny the claim. The carrier also has the right to deny any baggage claim that is not sent within the required time limitsThe carrier is not liable for compensation of any property lost while possession of passenger. The carrier will only reimburse the relevant purchase receipts submitted and up to the maximum limit set by Montreal Convention of 1999. The carrier has the right to deny compensation of costs without proof of purchase/receipts and is not liable for the compensation of telephone calls, meals or other ancillary expenses related to baggage claims. Failure to obtain a PIR for delayed luggage will result in denial of claim.

Special Assistance 
Alitalia guarantees assistance and dedicated services for all those having health problems and need to take along for all the trip's length medications and other devices. We recommend contacting the Alitalia reservations office to make requests for Special Assistance. The more information you can provide our representatives, the more we can help. Our representatives will answer questions, discuss specific needs and alert you to special notifications and procedures. Please keep in mind that some services or accommodations may require 48-hour notice and check-in one hour before the check-in time for the public.
In certain cases, Alitalia may require passenger’s to provide a completed Medical information form (MEDIF) and complete Form A “Information for customers requiring special assistance”, which must be signed by you or your representative. MEDIFs should be sent to the Alitalia call center at least 72 hours prior to departure via fax to 011-39-091-5007008. 

The documentation is required for the following: 
• oxygen or stretcher onboard. 
• passengers who are physically or mentally impaired and not self-sufficient. 
• passengers requiring mandatory specialized medical assistance onboard. 
• pregnant passengers with possible complications or are in the last 4 weeks before expected delivery date.

Wheelchairs, other mobility aids and assistive devices
Alitalia recommends that you inform the airline of the need to travel with an electric or manual wheelchair. Alitalia will transport wheelchairs, other mobility aids or other assistive devices free of charge and, when such items may be stored in dedicated passenger cabin stowage space or designated priority areas in overhead compartments or under seats consistent with applicable government safety, security and hazardous materials requirements, they may be brought into the aircraft cabin. For more information regarding Special Assistance, click here for travel from/to US or from/to Canada.