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Minimum Requirement

Applicable to 10 or more Economy or Premium Economy passengers or 8 or more Magnifica (Business) class passengers traveling together in at least one direction.

Maximum Group Capacity

Maximum group capacity is subject to change and controlled by market parameters. Capacity restrictions will apply and may vary by city and season.

Group Quote and Fares

Group fare quotes are valid for 7 days from the date the quote is advised and based on availability at the time of the booking request. Group fares are offered and may vary based on travel dates and destination.  No Children or Senior discounts are offered. Infant fare is 10% of group net fare.

Fees, Surcharges and Taxes

Taxes and fees are additional and the applicable amounts at the time of ticketing are the sole responsibility of the ticketing agent. Fees, surcharges, and taxes may vary by market. The fuel surcharge (YR) is frozen at time of confirmation and provided to you in a confirmation letter. Fuel surcharge will not be increased or decreased.

Ticketing Requirements

Ticketing is required 30 days prior to departure. Ticketing requirements may vary depending on deposit, advance booking, point of origin, and international destination. Electronic ticketing is mandatory.

Name Requirements/Changes

Names must be sent to the Group Desk at least 30 days prior to departure.
Name changes prior to ticketing are allowed at no fee. Name changes after ticketing are allowed for a fee of CAD 150.00 for each name change permitted for the entire group (excluding name corrections).

Advance Passenger Information

Advance passenger information is entered by the agency via a passive CRS record. For information on how to comply with the program, please click here:

Utilization Penalties

100% may cancel 90 days or more prior to departure with just a fee of CAD 100 per group in Economy and Premium Economy and CAD 450 in Magnifica (Business).

10% of seats held at day 90 may cancel without penalty 89-31 days prior to departure.

Cancellations greater than 10% forfeit deposit & pay CAD 100 per seat cancelled.


For bookings greater than 90 days from travel, deposit is generally due within 14 days. For bookings 89-31 days from travel, deposit is due within 5 days of booking or by day 30 from departure, whichever comes first. Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations 89-31 days from departure. Deposit requirements may vary based on travel dates and destination.


Deposits can be paid with an EMD issued by the travel agent

Deposit Amounts

CAD 100 per group in economy (Premium Economy/Economy)
CAD 450 per group for travel in Magnifica (Business) class



Conditions of group must be respected at a minimum of 10 passengers; all passengers of the group must have at least one common transatlantic flight segment. Once deposit is received, changes made 90 days or more prior departure are unlimited. Less than 90 days prior departure and before ticketing a maximum of 30% of the group may deviate from the original outbound or return. A deviation fee of CAD 50 applies. After ticketing and before departure the applicable deviation fee is CAD 250 in Economy and Premium Economy and CAD 400 in Magnifica (Business). After departure only one date change allowed at CAD 250 in Economy and Premium Economy and CAD 400 in Magnifica (Business). Free stopover allowed in FCO.

Direct Ticketing Charge

Direct ticketing charges of CAD 25.00 per ticket will apply.


Tickets are non-refundable.

Tour Conductors

Economy only at 1:20 paid as stated per contract. Only base fare is exempt from a TC ticket. YR and all applicable taxes are charged.

Terms and Conditions

Once space is secured, a confirmation email with terms and conditions and group ticketing instructions will be provided.

Group Contract

Upon confirmation of your first group, a one-time blanket contract applicable for additional groups requested through May 31, 2019 will be issued.

Alitalia's General Group Booking Information

All terms and conditions of the contract secured at the time of booking will remain in place, provided there are no changes. Subsequent voluntary changes will result in standard group renegotiations with bulk ticket status as the single option.

Check-In: We recommend passengers traveling in Economy and Premium Economy to arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to departure. Magnifica passengers should arrive no less than 2 hours prior.

Local Contacts: Please provide us with a local contact for your clients or the name of the hotel where they will be staying while overseas. This will help us to notify them of any last-minute schedule changes in a timely fashion.

Bulk Ticketing Reminder

All mark ups completed on bulk ticketing must be contained in a separate transaction in the agency's own systems. The group net due amount for group bulk tickets is the only amount that is to be reflected on an Alitalia auditor's coupon (any other amount is subject to debit memos).